Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty, Which Game is The Best?

So, you’re asking yourself, which Call of Duty is the best from the entire series of games by Infinity Ward? Well we have focused on what the community thinks and broken the list down to two of the favorites and most seriously taken games from the franchise.

Call of Duty 2

(Breathes) Dare I say not only the best Call of Duty game but the best online multiplayer game ever? (Quake fans are going to kill me!) The second game in the series was released in October 25th, 2005 for PC and then later for the Xbox 360 & MAC. Call of Duty 2 was literally magic in a box, not only did it have a brilliant single player mode that took you through some of the most iconic locations in WWII history with a Soviet, British and American campaign to go through but the online multiplayer was just perfect and maybe beyond. The game was also better than the original in every way, Infinity Ward done as much as they could to respond to any negatives received from the first game and fix them.

The multiplayer had in total 13 maps and 3 of these were remakes from the original, some of them such as Toujane, El Alamein and Carentan have become legendary in the online gaming community and serious gamers still talk about them today. No other game at the time provided such fierce online battles as Call of Duty 2 did, if you wanted to survive you literally had to display raw skill or you wouldn’t last a second in the battlefield as most of the time there was literally nowhere to hide and if you did find somewhere you would need to move away in 30 seconds in order to survive. The game had an excellent array of close quarter, mid-range and distant gameplay, with deadly bolt action rifles and powerful pumps to equip, it truly was a WWII enthusiasts wet dream. Amazingly still to this day you can find decent matches in the PC version of the game with a strong on-going community who not to mention will also absolutely destroy you!

What ever your play style was, Call of Duty 2 catered for it and to me this is the reason why its multiplayer was so successful, it just done what it needed to and it done it really well.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The game was released in November 2007 and was Call of Duty’s first step from WWII into Modern Tactical Warfare, the game on release received excellent reviews from critics and players also welcomed the game with much praise into the community. Modern Warfare was the first game in the franchise to have the single player as we see it today with huge production values and a movie-esque cast of characters with one of them being the now very well known Captain John Price. Single player was nothing like before, with massive set pieces, fiery explosions and excellent voice work all put together to immerse you in the experience as much as possible and in a way that was immensely better than before, this game really helped shape the “single player” experience that we see in first person shooters today.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare brought in some great new maps as well as some new modes to boot, the game also introduced a class customization option where you can save weapon loadouts and more. Another element that was new in the game was perks, players could now unlock special abilities that affected their performance during a game such as moving faster, less recoil when shooting and much more. Players could also obtain Killstreak rewards if they played well and got consecutive kills, this allowed the better gamer to get rewarded for their successful play which at the time was kind of a new thing.

Online multiplayer had in total 20 maps which put players in numerous locations from across the globe. Surprisingly Modern Warfare did not actually feel that different when you first entered the game but the element of the inclusion of modern and urban maps allowed for an overall different tactical approach in the actual playing of the game. Stages felt more claustrophobic than ever before with a much less chance of escaping when you needed to, this not only made the game a little more interesting but also made the player less relaxed thus creating very tense match sessions.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare showed the world that Infinity Ward was still the best in the industry at creating war themed shooters and engaging multiplayer modes.

So which game is the best?

We’re leaving that up to you to decide, ask your self this, which one of these titles gave you the best memories? Both of the games delivered fantastic quality and solid gameplay, this is what we wanted to remind you but your memories and only them can conclude the better game in our opinion.

The future for Call of Duty

So after Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare we saw 2 more games from the series come along but unfortunately neither of them was taken as seriously as the first one and in my opinion was also drowned by little kids engulfing the servers. Now this might be due to the fact that the games now had a more serious appearance on consoles than before but it’s something that just can’t be not mentioned, for me it killed the seriousness of the franchise.

Now as you may have heard (I’m pretty sure you have), a completely new game is on the way this year, Call of Duty: Ghosts, so what can we expect from this new title and also what do we actually want from it? There was a lot of criticism with Modern Warfare 2 and even more with the third installment where players struggled to find anything new, can Infinity Ward make up for their dare I say lack of innovation and bring some fantastic new elements into the game or will the much loved COD series finally bite the dust and stay with the kiddies to quick scope each other. Who knows?

  • al client

    MW2 could’ve been the best but it was simply loaded down with too much garbage. COD4 holds the title for best while MW2 was the most fun but the most aggravating.

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