Pre-order bonuses for Killzone: Shadow Fall

A post today from the Playstation Blog announced the Killzone: Shadow Fall pre-order bonus, anyone who places an order for the game at selected retailers will receive the extras listed below.

OWL skin
Give your OWL a unique appearance with these exclusive skins. Who says combat drones need to be devoid of personality?

MP Spotlight move
Celebrate your triumphs over enemy players in multiplayer mode in a new and unique way with this special victory move.

Official soundtrack
Listen to the epic cinematic score for Killzone: Shadow Fall as it brings both sides of the conflict to life like never before.

I have also included images of the OWL skins below:

ksfextra2 ksfextra3 ksfextra1
The blog post explains the OWL:

The OWL has several modes of operation you can activate via the new PS4 Controller touch pad: a stun mode, which creates an area-of-effect shock blast that stuns enemies and disrupts electronics; an attack mode, in which the OWL attacks anyone within range or targets a specific enemy; a shield mode, which creates a one-way energy shield in front of you; and finally, a zipline mode, which allows you to quickly and safely reach lower areas.

Killzone Shadow Fall is due for release exclusively on the PS4 in Q4 2013.

  • Lord Akki

    That shark skin is damn sexy! I’m tempted..

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