Gran Turismo 6 Demo Thoughts

Well the Gran Turismo 6 demo is out and this time it’s giving every gamer a chance to battle in the GT Academy 13 Tournament straight away, we have played the game and we were happy with it but not too impressed either.

The demo starts you off with a cool introduction video into Gran Turismo 6 and the GT Academy and then you are instantly put into the Silverstone circuit where you witness the pit crew checking out your Nissan 350Z. At a first glance of the games aesthetics you notice the graphics of the crew and the pit stop it self are pretty poor and seems extremely out of place from not only current racing games but also Gran Turismo’s usual super high polish, their is absolutely no excuses here in my opinion, Polyphony could have easily added more detail and poly’s to the pit crew to increase the sense of immersion. Before your race you get little popups which appear on the bottom of your screen with messages from past GT Acadeny winner Lucas Ordoñez, it’s implemented well in a way where it doesn’t become too bothersome and will give brief help to newcomers of the game, however some serious GT fans might find it rather annoying.

gtleafscreenAfter a casual lap of Silverstone you are brought to the main screen where everything takes place, you have your garage, gallery, dealerships, beginner events and finally the important Special event GT Academy to choose from. Before you can race in the Academy event you are asked to buy a Nissan Leaf which you will race in the Sunday Cup event at the Suzuka Circuit for a total of 2 races, I found these races extremely boring and a really bad way of showcasing Gran Turismo. No one wants to race a 60mph electric car around a track in a video game, its dull, also it just seemed like rather rash product placement to me. Before a race begins you get your usual settings where you can adjust your traction control, ASM, ABS, steering sensitivity, driving aids etc, it’s all really similar to Gran Turismo 5 which isn’t a bad thing really as it works well and is super easy to understand. You then have your clock, track distance, weather and more to glimpse at before you begin.

Once you’re done with the extremely boring Leaf race’s you are asked to buy the hugely superior Nissan 350Z from the dealership and are then put in the Clubman Cup at the Grand Valley circuit, this is when it get’s a little more fun and challenging but sadly still stays kind of easy for even the mildest Gran Turismo veterans.

After both of these events you can finally enter the GT Academy which takes place back in the Silverstone circuit. You have 5 sessions to choose from, 4 sessions are short runs of certain points of the track and the final session gives you a chance to race unlimited timed laps around the circuit to compete in the world tournament. Each session also has the usual gold, silver and bronze cup awards for your times which we see in every Gran Turismo game. The initial 4 sessions are definitely recommended as it gives you a good way of learning the turns on the track and the fact that the GT cup element is in place as well makes you really push each turn to eventually get gold thus making you proficiently learn the track for your final full lap timed session. This is not only smart by Polyphony but also brilliant for the gamer to get more confident at racing around the track and then finally hitting the timed laps feeling skilled and ready to compete.

gt350screenNow, the most important element which is the actual racing, sadly Gran Turismo 6 plays very similar to its predecessor as it just doesn’t feel like that much of a step forward and some fans definitely will be disappointed just like they were with 5 but a few elements are in place that make it the best Gran Turismo game yet. The first is sense of speed, if you’re doing 60mph while racing you are really blown away when you eventually hit 120mph in your vehicle, this new game has definitely achieved what a lot of other racing games struggle to, the difference from one speed to another is brilliantly noticeable which really gives the player that sense of immersion into the racing experience which makes this version of Gran Turismo already better than 5. Steering also is absolutely spot on this time, going through chicanes just feels like slicing through butter thanks to the excellent analogue sensitivity, it’s literally perfect. Finally tinkering with the traction control and ABS settings is joyous as usual, no other racing game provides the authenticity and pure fun as much as having TCS set to 0 than in this game.

The cockpit view is also present again in Gran Turismo 6 with more detail than before but it’s still a little too dark for my liking however if you want the best out of realism this is your number one view choice when playing the game. The demo overall is short and fun, the lap times recorded on the online ranks are already pretty insane but trying to get even a 10th of a second closer to them is a blast.

So in conclusion is Gran Turismo 6 a huge step forward from the last game? The short answer is NO, yes some changes have absolutely perfected certain racing elements but in my eyes this game at the moment feels like GT 51/2 not 6, also at the moment the graphics are just bland, I am hoping the full game proves me wrong!

What’s your verdict guys, we would love to hear your thoughts of the demo, especially from fellow GT fans.

  • SodiumHyena

    Have you seen those fairground shooting galleries with the ducks meandering slowly from one side to the other? The demo of GT6 feels like this to me. AI cars have no reaction to anything I do, be it sideswiping, ramming, parking, doing donuts, going the wrong way, out braking, overtaking around the outside, getting poor exit speed, going off; they are oblivious to my every action, just as the fairground ducks care little for the wholesale slaughter of their kin.

    Similarly, the circuit cares none for my actions. Why are there no flags in GT? Why can I consistently cut corners without reprisal? Why are there no rules? In a real situation I would expect warnings, followed by penalties or fines or even disqualification.

    I appreciate that GT6 is ‘The Real Driving Simulator’ and makes no claims beyond sublime car physics, yet I feel that PD have reached a point where the subtlety of feedback (to the player) through the joypad is optimised. I crave immersion, and will not feel slightly better multi-tyre grip dynamics. I would however easily see how the track evolves to my actions, and those of my AI competitors.

    GT6 is yet more figure-skating. There is nothing wrong with beautifully poised cars gliding around a track, hitting apexes and sliding around opponents, all at the extremes of grip, however, once you delve into multiplayer it is a different story. There will be opportunism, aggression, reprisals and satisfaction.

    • devan

      Ok for them to model 1200 cars up from 1089 or how ever many were in gt5 must have been painstaking. That said i feel it was the wrong move, i looked through the list and spent hours going through cars and i could have narrowed it down to 600-750 cars. The time it would have taken to make those 300 cars they could have probably just about made every car detailed audibly and visually. And given it a little more time they could have still worked there physics out and menus. Not shitting on gt but there are just some key elements that are unavailable that make you feel like your not there such as a sense of speed and it just feel like one of those airplane pilot games. Forza definitely got it right in forza 4 it was just more addictive user friendly and complete. Premium cars and standard cars just make the game feel incomplete. But the one thing that if it was the last improvement for the current gen gt it would be the cars engine sounds. The pagani zonda sounded like my ceaftman drill anf in idle sounded like boiling water.

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